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Presenting at MIT: Networks of learners in Uruguay

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will host the LINC Conference (May 23-25, 2016), an international gathering of individuals and organizations to talk about and share best practices on current digital learning topics. The LINC event is arranged under MIT’s... read more

A school searching for a change

“The new pedagogies require a teacher to have a repertoire of strategies, which may range from project-based learning through direct instruction to an inquiry-based model. But the key is that the teacher takes a highly proactive role in driving the learning process... read more

Trascending distances with Maths and technology

The high school from Cardal and School N76 from Florida have built a local cluster based on a project called “Tessellations: link to make geometry more dynamic”, which has generated that these centres are in tune, despite the notorious differences between the two... read more