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‘De-Bag Your Life’ (Desembólsate): Learning in the Community

‘De-Bag Your Life’ (Desembólsate): Learning in the Community

“The new pedagogies require students to create new knowledge and connect it to the world by using the power of digital tools”. Michael Fullan


‘De-Bag Your Life’ developed from one of the Deep Challenges proposals posed by the Global Learning Network (la Red Global de Aprendizajes). One of this year’s challenges, called ‘Melting Antarctica’, dealt with the problem of global warming. The city of Sarandí Grande managed to involve various people from across the community in order to promote collaborative working around this environmental dilemma.

De-Bag Your Life

On the 26th of August last year, School 38 launched their ‘De-Bag Your Life’ project in front of the community and local authorities. Here we were able to appreciate the important work which had been developed by the school, it’s teachers and students, and the local community, working together for a better city.

The project generated an awareness in the community surrounding the school about the necessity to reduce the excessive use of plastic bags following research undertaken by the students on the issue.

The Deep Challenges aim to motivate students to become agents of change, and to learn by tackling real problems. The work centres on the cycle of collaborative investigation, strengthening, in this case, collaborative working and communication.

According to Evangelina Costa, MAC (Ceibal Support Teacher): “Challenging ourselves implies breaking out of the routine, changing structures, and allowing ourselves to grow personally and professionally. Including learning based on challenges promotes equality, the development of competencies, and the motivation of students, families, and teachers to work together to strengthen bonds…”



The challenge of working with others

This project allowed the school to work together with other schools and social actors in the community and therefore networking has been very powerful.

As we passed through the city, we saw posters pasted in shop windows encouraging people not to use plastic bags. Instead, people are given fabric bags, made with materials recycled by the children.

In the words of Evangelina: “The Deep Challenges gave families the opportunity to feel useful and needed, knowing that their support was worthwhile. This support is converting the school into a place of work, a space where parents could share with their child, creating equal bonds with teachers, blurring limits and making the school a space open to teaching and learning”.



 By David Luzardo
Mentor de la Red Global de Aprendizaje