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Agraria de Guichón School: a framework for change

“…the school’s aim must be to form the views of those who are under its care; giving light to their spirit, more than to their craftsmanship, however skilled they are.” Pedro Figari Throughout the country, different educational institutions are carrying out a variety of actions that allow the implementation... read more

A pathway to designing an action plan

“The ‘new pedagogies’ are not just instructional strategies. They are powerful models of teaching and learning, enabled and accelerated by increasingly pervasive digital tools and resources…” A rich seam The school in the town of Villa Constitución, in Salto, has started down the ‘new pedagogies’ path with a desire... read more

Transcending Borders

Primary School No.13, in Tacuarembó, has its eye on an exchange with other countries in the Global Learning Network. So much so, that the Global Hub platform has facilitated a meeting between some of the schools that make up the global community. Exploring other experiences From a corner of... read more

The network is learning

The exponential advancement of technology opens up both opportunities and challenges in the field of education. One of these possibilities is that of “networking” and gives new meaning to the phrase, “Your capacity is that of your community.” Colonia Nicolich Secondary School is an excellent example of the potential... read more

Tools as Change Leverage

One of the main characteristics of the Global Learning Network is that is offers educational institutions certain tools to be used, but each institution shall decide which tool they will use and how they will do it. This enables each institution to adapt the project differently, and that the... read more

“Catch Mister X”: Network as Learning

“Catch Mister X” is a project based on the mathematical resolution of problems designed by teachers from different subsystems and it´s applied through conference calls. This initiative evidences the main advantages of the new alliances for deep learning. Working through the network is essential. Teachers from different subsystems need... read more

Virtual courses

We are pleased to invite you to take part in the two courses 2016 that will be offered in CREA2 platform. Subjects This year we will focus on: New Pedagogies:Design of Deep Learning activities. New ways of assessment related to the development of competencies (6Cs). New Leaderships:Educational change management.... read more

Presenting at MIT: Networks of learners in Uruguay

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology will host the LINC Conference (May 23-25, 2016), an international gathering of individuals and organizations to talk about and share best practices on current digital learning topics. The LINC event is arranged under MIT’s Office of Digital Learning. MIT LINC | A Global Netork for... read more

A school searching for a change

“The new pedagogies require a teacher to have a repertoire of strategies, which may range from project-based learning through direct instruction to an inquiry-based model. But the key is that the teacher takes a highly proactive role in driving the learning process forward, using whichever strategy works for a... read more

Trascending distances with Maths and technology

The high school from Cardal and School N76 from Florida have built a local cluster based on a project called “Tessellations: link to make geometry more dynamic”, which has generated that these centres are in tune, despite the notorious differences between the two subsystems and the contexts in which... read more


National Meeting Learning Laboratory for Educational Change (ENLACE) During the first two years, management teams, referents, and teachers from different schools and institutions have met in different districts of the country to participate in ENLACES (in Spanish National Meeting Learning Laboratories for Educational Change). Before the annual close of... read more

Matching projects: a new challenge

By Mentor, Mtro David Luzardo. In many schools all over the country coexist many projects with different approaches. One of Red Global de Aprendizajes’ guidelines is to manage the different approaches to encourage them according to the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning. One of the projects that coexist in... read more

New leadership for a deep change

The Technical School from Colonia, as part of their work within the Global Learning Network, has shown a notorious performance oriented towards the management optimization in order to achieve deep learning in the students. As a first step, and after doing the institution evaluation with the corresponding rubric, the... read more