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Thinking with others


Global Network is an international collaboration initiative that will integrate new learning pedagogies in 1.000 educational institutions in different parts of the world, developing a collective building capacity through a common framework of action and research.

Together with ANEP, Plan Ceibal was invited to participate in the Global Network of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning convened by Dr. Michael Fullan, that has the objective of articulating and researching how the true potential of learning can be achieved through new pedagogies in a society rich in technology.

Deep learning is the learning considered relevant to this era; it includes those abilities that prepare students to be problem solvers, creative, connected and collaborative, and to be people who contribute to the common well being in a globalized and interdependent world.

7 countries participate in this network (member countries: Australia, Canada, USA, Finland, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Uruguay), these will seek their educational centers learn from their own experiences, as well as from the experiences of other institutions, generating a national and international collaborative interchange among them.


What originated the development of this global alliance?

Collaboration for change

The approach

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