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Thinking amongst us


The Red Uruguay aims to create a community of knowledge and sustainable basis related to new ways of learning that arise from the interaction of pedagogy and technology (in-depth learning) practices.

The initiative integrates educational institutions dealing practices, many of them innovative, to serve as a starting point for working together. It will be an opportunity to strengthen the collective capacity to generate knowledge, recognize good practices and build from there changes in the Uruguayan education.

Composed of schools in the three subsystems (Council of Early Childhood and Primary Education Secondary and Vocational Technical Education), distributed throughout the national territory, the Network does not provide a teaching model, but a model of analysis and evaluation of practices that each institution develops, so that they can improve, expand and enrich them with their own reflection and input from the experiences of other centers abroad.

The Network has a team formed by members of ANEP and Ceibal Plan, serving partner, catalyst and systematized field experiences that develop g lobal level, feeding the knowledge gained theoretical and practical level.

This feedback enriches the knowledge about the design and implementation of new learning pedagogies deep technological acceleration, while it is transformed and it changes day to day work in the classroom.

By systematizing these experiences, a theoretical framework for these new ways of teaching will be built and learn, particularly in relation to the impact of technology on learning generation.

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